Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I go to India to meet God

For the last 8 years, I book a flight to India every single year with the aim to come face to face with God.

Year after year without fail, I meet God in silence.

To bottle my experience, I would write down my thoughts.  This year, I found myself writing to God.  

I call God, Baba- in the same way that I don’t call my father mister or by his first name.  The term God seems so unreachable.  

Actually, I’ve been writing to Baba even before I studied meditation.  A priest told me that in Israel they call God, Abba which means father.  I made my own term of endearment and call The Divine, Baba- only to find out that those who study raja yoga call God in the same manner (Baba means father in Hindi).

I’m sharing with you my letters to Baba during my 16 days in India and 1 day back in Manila.

P.S.  Please click the video below each post so you can try meditation or raja yoga.  

meditation by Release Your Wings

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