Saturday, July 29, 2017

I don't know if she's real

The stories I heard about her were so grandiose it seem like myths.

There was a time when she summoned the rain in water-starved Africa to prove that God exists.

She was jailed for her faith.

She put a stop to a raging fire next door by meditating.

I listened to some of her recorded classes, she talks with so much authority it makes me cringe.

"Order God!", she admonishes.

Yet, she remains light and carefree.

"It's not my task. It's Baba's (her term of endearment for God) .", she says whenever people praise her accomplishments (which includes being an international speaker and  spiritual educator and establishing meditation centers in 36 countries in Africa)

This powerful yogi will be in Manila to talk about Stability of Mind in Quezon City and Makati.

I'm really curious if she's real, so I'll go. Would you care to join me?

Please RSVP if you can come to on August 1 in Quezon City or August 3 in Makati

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