Thursday, August 10, 2017

She’s not a myth

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It turned out that she just has this little habit of making the impossible possible.  

She was interviewed on national tv and the anchor said, 
“It hasn’t rained in Africa for months, can you ask God to make it rain?”

Without batting an eyelash, she said yes.

A few hours later, it rained cats and dogs.

“What is the qualification to be able to order God and for God to obey me?”, I asked Sister Vedanti.

“It’s about relationship.”, she replied. 
“Everything is about relationship.”

She then related that she has a right to ask because she maintains a very close relationship with God.

But, there was a time when she asked God to oversee a construction project while she was away.  She came back to find all their building materials gone.  Fortunately, the police caught the thieves but wouldn’t release the materials back to them.

“God, were you sleeping?”, she asked.  
“I asked You to keep guard!”.

She said, God answered her back, “Daughter, you’ve been serving the different professions but not the police.”

“I served the police and I got our materials back.”, she said.

“You see, it’s a relationship!”, she reiterated.

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