Thursday, February 23, 2017

I met heroes

“Heroes aren’t born, but they are created in times of strife and struggle. Everyone is capable of being a hero in their own way, often without even knowing it, they are a hero to those around them.” ~ Unknown

Meet Eugene

Eugene bikes for 25 to 29 kilometres 4 times a week- given it doesn’t rain.  He hauls his bike from Imus Cavite to Makati City and back twice a week and from Imus to a hospital in Dasmarinas Cavite twice a week.  

“How long does it take you to reach your destination?”, I asked.

“Around an hour”, he nonchalantly replied as though moving through Manila’s and Cavite's traffic in 2 wheels is the easiest thing in the world.

He confided that at the start, he was merely traversing a distance of 700 meters ( which took him around 2 minutes) and then he gradually increased this distance.  Now, he could easily manage 60 kilometres in a day ( 3-5 hours including the rest time ).

Why did you start biking?, I continued to inquire.

“Initially, it was for health reasons.  I used to jog and thought of trying out biking.  Also, I wanted to avoid the traffic and decrease my transportation cost”, he said.

“Then, I heard of the climate change issue and I included it in my reasons.”

“How did you make shift?”, I prodded.

“It was hard to adjust my routine initially 
(I used to drive around the metro.) but I saw benefits- improved health, less expense and help to the environment.”

Like a staunch advocate that he is, he raised both hands, stomped his feet and bellowed, “Bike is life!” 

Meet Marra

“I became more open to a lifestyle change because of yoga.  It taught me how to live simply.”, confided Marra a 1 year old pescetarian.

“How did you start?,” I asked.

I started letting go of meat when I attended a yoga retreat for a weekend where we were only served vegan food.”

“Initially, I was wary of the diet because of my active lifestyle.  I run marathons and I thought I need meat to sustain my fitness regimen.”

“Actually, I feel lighter now.  In fact, my performance improved after 
I changed my diet.”

“Why are you still at it?”, I queried.

“For good health.  Then, I became more conscious when I watched the 'Cowspiracy' documentary. I was shocked to know that our food supply is responsible for a big percentage of carbon emission which causes climate change."

According to the documentary, animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation.

“What’s your understanding of climate change?”, I followed up.

“Climate change is the end of the world.” (if we don’t do anything about it)

The Hotseat 

Whether you admit it or not, you have the capacity to be a hero too.  The question is,  “Are you willing to change so that you can save the world?”.

I know CHANGE is a big word.  Just as Eugene and Marra attest- it’s not easy but if your why is bigger than your excuses then it can be done.  

How about starting with a step?  Just think of 1 thing you can do to better yourself and the world and then start it this very second.

P.S.  I would love to hear how it goes for you.

P.P.S.  When I say you, I’m addressing myself as well.

video from Release Your Wings

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This one’s good for the heart

meditation by Release Your Wings

"I am now more accepting of myself and others… open to the flow… responding to what emerges… excited about revelations and delighted about love.”, shared Tina, a 3-month-old meditation student from Bicol.

I asked her about how meditation has helped her and that was her poetic response.

“Wow, you unblocked me!”, she exclaimed when I read back her answer.  

“Well, you unblocked yourself”, I told her.  

“That was your experience. I simply asked a question.”, I said.

I asked the same question to Sister Becky, a student of meditation for 30 years.

She told me, “I got interested in meditation because of an ad that says, ‘Regain Your Creativity. Try Meditation.’  I was writing modules for programs at that time and my boss was always pressuring me to produce. I was so stressed.”

“When I started meditating, I learn not to take sorrow.  There was no longer any burden of relationship.  Then because I wasn't bothered, I think better.”

“So, you didn't get hurt when your boss gives you negative feedback?”, I queried.  

“Well, I felt I can handle getting hurt.”

These two meditators taught me 2 invaluable lessons: to be delighted about love and to learn to handle the hurt.

What stood out for you in their sharing?

If you want to learn to meditate, please click this link so you can look for a meditation center near you (available in 110 countries).

If you are in Makati, you are warmly invited to this event with BK Judy Johnson- author, facilitator and coordinator at Brahma Kumaris Halifax, Canada.

                                 this event was organized by Brahma Kumaris Philippines

Monday, February 6, 2017

Beauty and the Beast: The Untold Story

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Once upon a time when the world was new, we are 100% aware of our truth.  We knew that the body is simply the container of our true selves.  We fully understood that the body is the box and we are the precious diamond inside it.  

In that state of pure awareness, we expressed the beauty of the soul naturally.  There was only giving and receiving of peace, love and happiness.  There was harmony and unity in the self and consequently in the world.

As time passed by, the light of the soul gradually decreased to 75%.  It wasn’t perfect but the balance was still tilted to the beautiful side.  We were still aware that we are beings of peace and we need not go the mountains to find it.  We knew that we were love and we don’t look for someone to complete us.  We understood that we are happiness and we don’t need anything or anyone to make us happy.     

Then, a shift occurred.  We forgot that we are diamonds and we began to identify with the boxes.  The soul’s light dimmed at 50% capacity.  We started comparing boxes (appraising which one is better) and collecting stickers (recognitions), hats (positions), and trophies (possessions) to decorate our dispensable boxes. 

As we identified more and more with the body, the dimmer the light became.  At 25% capacity, we began giving and taking sorrow.  We thought we are better than others while at times we put ourselves down (ego).  We resorted to anger to control people and situations.  We gave in to desires (lust) and we were never satisfied (greed).  We refused to let go of people or possessions (attachment).

In this state of amnesia- confusion, chaos and division arised.  We became like beasts and started taking, fighting and killing.  The world turned ugly.

At present, the light of most souls are flickering.  Most of us have forgotten who we truly are.  We need to remember.  We are not merely specks of dust.  We are more than flesh and bones.  We are spirits- beings of peace, love and happiness.  We are souls and we need to start to connect to The Source of all that is good before our light dies out.  Then, we can be beautiful once again and the world will be renewed.   

video from Brahma Kumaris PH