Monday, February 6, 2017

Beauty and the Beast: The Untold Story

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Once upon a time when the world was new, we are 100% aware of our truth.  We knew that the body is simply the container of our true selves.  We fully understood that the body is the box and we are the precious diamond inside it.  

In that state of pure awareness, we expressed the beauty of the soul naturally.  There was only giving and receiving of peace, love and happiness.  There was harmony and unity in the self and consequently in the world.

As time passed by, the light of the soul gradually decreased to 75%.  It wasn’t perfect but the balance was still tilted to the beautiful side.  We were still aware that we are beings of peace and we need not go the mountains to find it.  We knew that we were love and we don’t look for someone to complete us.  We understood that we are happiness and we don’t need anything or anyone to make us happy.     

Then, a shift occurred.  We forgot that we are diamonds and we began to identify with the boxes.  The soul’s light dimmed at 50% capacity.  We started comparing boxes (appraising which one is better) and collecting stickers (recognitions), hats (positions), and trophies (possessions) to decorate our dispensable boxes. 

As we identified more and more with the body, the dimmer the light became.  At 25% capacity, we began giving and taking sorrow.  We thought we are better than others while at times we put ourselves down (ego).  We resorted to anger to control people and situations.  We gave in to desires (lust) and we were never satisfied (greed).  We refused to let go of people or possessions (attachment).

In this state of amnesia- confusion, chaos and division arised.  We became like beasts and started taking, fighting and killing.  The world turned ugly.

At present, the light of most souls are flickering.  Most of us have forgotten who we truly are.  We need to remember.  We are not merely specks of dust.  We are more than flesh and bones.  We are spirits- beings of peace, love and happiness.  We are souls and we need to start to connect to The Source of all that is good before our light dies out.  Then, we can be beautiful once again and the world will be renewed.   

video from Brahma Kumaris PH

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