Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to Keep Resolutions

It’s new year once again!  If you’ve broken the resolutions you made on January 1.  Then, you can start anew.

Kung hei fat choi!!!

Kudos to you for making a resolution and wanting to change.  It’s easier to stay in the comfort of the easy and familiar. So know that the first few attempts to shift will be painful.  Your old habits will pull you back to your normal routine.  It’s going to be a tug of war between your determination and your old pattern (Patterns may be beneficial or not. Please know that we are talking about those patterns we need to change in this post.).

In Hindi, the term for habits or patterns is sanskara.  It is something which is deeply rooted in the soul because the action has been used over and over for years- for several lifetimes even.  So, its foundation is very strong- so strong that you do it without thinking.  It has become your natural tendency- your default setting.

A sanskara (pattern) grows like a tree.  A one week old tree can be easily plucked without a fuss while you need a shovel to take out a one year old tree. On the other hand, you need a team or a  machine to dig out a 5 year old tree.  Imagine what it will take to uproot a 100 year old tree.

I just want you to understand that when you change, you are also fighting a formidable force.  It is something that has grown larger than life because you built it gradually over a long period of time.  So know that you need everything in your arsenal to defeat it.  

Here are the things which worked for me.

1. Know your strengths

Can you identify your top 3 strengths?  These are the qualities which helped you accomplish things, feel good about yourself and allow you to move forward in your path.  These are your ultimate weapons in this tug of war.  Hold these close to your heart at all times.         

2.  Identify your weaknesses

Do you know what’s holding you back?  Don’t merely look at surface behaviors.  Ask yourself, “Why do I keep on doing this over and over again.”  Do you love yourself enough?  Do you seek recognition from others? Do you feel empty? Are you never satisfied? Are you angry?  Identify the root of your negative habits so you can strike it at the core.

3.  Determination is key

The adage if there’s a will there’s a way is so true.  I’ve seen how a strong will moves mountains countless times.  At the heart of determination is a clear vision of why you are doing it and where you see yourself heading.      

4.  If all else fails begin again

Again, let me remind you that when you decide to change you are banging against a powerful force.  It will not crumble in a day.  Don’t give up if you don't get it right immediately.  Just keep on pounding consistently.  

5.  After you’ve done everything you can, take support from The One.

There is a Being who is the Source of all that is true, good and beautiful.  Take power and support from That One.  Do whatever works for you- pray, chant a mantra, meditate.  

The message of the new year is one of hope.  You can begin again!

meditation by Release Your Wings

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