Monday, January 23, 2017

You are enough

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Says a song

I cannot agree more
This year, I choose love
Love not for another
But love for myself

I thought I have aced it
I’ve stopped being too hard on me
I affirm myself every chance I get
I celebrate my victories- no matter how small

But, then this critical voice 
Inside my head
Resurfaces every now and then
“You’re not good enough”, it whispers

I try my darndest
To prove it wrong 
I push myself to make things happen
Even the seemingly impossible

There are moments though
When I listen to the voice
And stop midway- not finishing a project
Or stall until forever

Either way, it’s wins
I forget to be gentle to myself
Or  I prove that I’m a failure
And all the more it gets stronger

Today, I’ve unmasked the beast
I’ve spotted you
Monster of not loving myself enough
And I intend to starve you until you let me be

I will be determined yet gentle
I will work diligently 
To see projects come to life
But will not forget to nurture the self

I will only take on what I can
And pursue only that which is meaningful for me
I will take pauses
And create spaces for my growth

I will hold on to a new belief
I am shakti, I am power
I am pyaar, I am love
Until I can tell myself- “You are enough!”

video from Release Your Wings


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