Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This one’s good for the heart

meditation by Release Your Wings

"I am now more accepting of myself and others… open to the flow… responding to what emerges… excited about revelations and delighted about love.”, shared Tina, a 3-month-old meditation student from Bicol.

I asked her about how meditation has helped her and that was her poetic response.

“Wow, you unblocked me!”, she exclaimed when I read back her answer.  

“Well, you unblocked yourself”, I told her.  

“That was your experience. I simply asked a question.”, I said.

I asked the same question to Sister Becky, a student of meditation for 30 years.

She told me, “I got interested in meditation because of an ad that says, ‘Regain Your Creativity. Try Meditation.’  I was writing modules for programs at that time and my boss was always pressuring me to produce. I was so stressed.”

“When I started meditating, I learn not to take sorrow.  There was no longer any burden of relationship.  Then because I wasn't bothered, I think better.”

“So, you didn't get hurt when your boss gives you negative feedback?”, I queried.  

“Well, I felt I can handle getting hurt.”

These two meditators taught me 2 invaluable lessons: to be delighted about love and to learn to handle the hurt.

What stood out for you in their sharing?

If you want to learn to meditate, please click this link so you can look for a meditation center near you (available in 110 countries).

If you are in Makati, you are warmly invited to this event with BK Judy Johnson- author, facilitator and coordinator at Brahma Kumaris Halifax, Canada.

                                 this event was organized by Brahma Kumaris Philippines

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