Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 5: Balance

image by Shaik Azharuddin

                                                                 April 7, 2017

Dearest Baba,

          I’ve been pushing myself to finish all work-related things today. This rushing rushing rushing strains my neck and my head though.

         So, I’m learning to come to terms with my fate at the moment. I just have to make sure that I go to Pandav Bhawan in the morning and afternoon for my yoga bhatti (intense yoga).

         I love staying by the Tower of Peace.  I can sit there for hours.  It takes a while to connect though because my mind pulls me to work or plans.

         “Mind loves to go to the past, future or fantasies.”, relates Nadhikala, a classmate from Sri Lanka.

          It's nice that I get to talk to her today.  This 28 year old yogi is so wise. “Don’t push yourself if you can’t wake up at at 2am for dawn meditation, 4am is fine.”, she advises.

          She hands me another practical advice, “I feel that I can have good yoga when I’m fully rested.”

          I give it a try it today and it works like magic.  I go for an afternoon nap and I am very alert during dusk meditation.

          Today is all about balance…
               *  of yoga and connecting to my family back home                          *  of yoga and work
               *  of gentleness and tough love on myself
               *  of completing tasks and letting go 
               *  of asserting myself and being flexible



meditation by Release Your Wings

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