Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 8: Everything is good

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                                                                     April 10, 2017

Dearest Baba,

          I’m ok now.  The tinge of hurt which I felt yesterday is now gone.  I saw how full Shantivan (the biggest campus by the foot of Mount Abu) is today, how calm the crowd of 23,000 is about the sudden change in the program and the celebratory vibe right after the meeting. I’m convinced that this is the crowd I want to be part of.

          Dadi Janki the head of the organization only has good things to say:

“Wonderful drama! The knowledge of drama makes us so peaceful because all days are not alike.  Today is also wonderful… Baba has taught us such a great lesson. ”May you always be happy and may you continue to move forward.”.



meditation by Release Your Wings 

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