Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why is it that when I try to help out another person I end up helping myself?

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I visited my 66 year old friend today.  I came with an agenda- persuade her to lie down on her bed.

You see, she fell on the floor when she suddenly stood up from her bed one dawn.  It took her 8 hours to get her bearing back.  Her left arm and leg were badly bruised and since then she has never slept on her bed again.

So, she has been sleeping upright- while sitting down, for a month now.  Her legs, feet and ankles are all swollen due to this.  To make the matter worse, she lives alone and refuses to give up her independence.

I came in prepared.  I brought the doctor's prescription (Lie down).  I also showed her the complications of inflammation and simple remedies to alleviate it (No. 1 of which is to elevate the leg while lying down).  None of it worked.  My last resort was to call an orthopedic doctor (who also happens to be a friend) and let him talk her into it.

She told him, "My world whirls around when I lie down.  That is what I am afraid of."

He said, "Just go through it. It will pass".

And that's the exact prescription I need for the day! "Just go through it. It will pass".

It happens all the time, whenever I try to help another person, I end up helping myself.


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