Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yoga 101

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"Discuss what is subtle attachment and how it pulls you away during yoga.", instructed a senior teacher as she ended the meditation class.

We immediately grouped into threes and talked.

"What do you think about it?", asked classmate 1.

"I really have no clue.", I said.

"I think subtle attachment is anything good which turns out bad because it's not used in a right way.", offered classmate 2.  "For example, my talents and skills are good.  I can use it to serve others but if my ego inflates because I have all of these then it's not good."

"The key is in checking the intention and motive.", supplied classmate 1.  "That's why it is subtle."

"Oh, I get it!  So, even if what I'm doing is good, take the non-profit organization I'm working on for  example, if I get too engrossed in it that it interferes with my yoga then it's not good."  (I hardly remember anyone in meditation but ideas sometimes pull me because I enjoy tossing it to and fro in my mind.)

You see, yoga means connection.  In order to connect, one has to disconnect with everything and with  everyone first.  You forget the world (at least during meditation). Then, you step into your original form and afterwards you fly above (with your mind, that is).

It's like traveling solo in a secret hideaway!  You have to leave everything and everyone else behind.  For me, it's the best me-time ever!     

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