Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh happy day!

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I was (almost) whistling & skipping while walking on my way back home- grateful that my 11am patient cancelled and happy that I have 2 hours lunchtime (I live 2 blocks from my work place).  In my head, I was running down all the other things which I am thankful for when I stepped on poop.

My mind came to a screeching halt.  It just stopped.  No questions.  No irritation. I instinctively knew that I simply have to get the dirt out of my shoes, otherwise it will stink.

It took me a minute or two to iron the mess.  Then, I immediately continued my happy journey back home.

I think that going through any challenge is like stepping on poop.  Whether it's big or small, it changes the smooth flow of things.

If I don't deal with it, it will stink and follow me (sadly, everywhere I go) but if I'm brave enough to face it, then it's no big deal.  However, if I allow it to disturb me, it can me throw me off balance.

For me, the keys to maintaining my om (peace) in any situation are resilience and stability.  How fast can I go back to my center even when unexpected things happen?  Do I allow the situation to shuffle me or do I hold on to my happiness?  

Frankly, it's my daily meditation drills which help me build the power to face any poop I might step on in life (I also understand that it may be praying for some, laughter therapy for others and even morning runs for a few).

Just ruminating. ;)

How about you, what helps you cope?


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