Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A day in court

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"It's such a pain!", I told my lawyer.

I don't like going to courtrooms.

Today, I had to stay there for almost half a day.  Despite the long wait, I still wasn't cross-examined.  


I was a witness and one of the complainants to an estafa case, you see.  The case was filed in 2008.  Six years later, nothing had been resolved.

The hearing is still going on.  I do not want to have anything to do with it anymore.  It's taking away so much time.

Did I say I don't like courtrooms?

It feels so heavy there- with all the complainants, accused, witnesses, courtroom personnels and lawyers.

I tried to escape the atmosphere filled with wretched anger, disappointments and deception.  (I'm very sensitive to vibration.)  I meditated and tried not to mind the angry inquests, the sorrowful stories and the legal battle going on.

As you can tell, I was not successful.  I came out of the room irritated that I didn't get what I came for.

I allowed the situation to rob me of my peace.  I felt that the atmosphere influenced me as well.  (And to think I had a beautiful dawn yoga and meditation class prior to the hearing!)

Now, I know I am not powerful enough to counter the stench of the atmosphere.

This day in court showed me that I still need to work on my yoga.

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