Monday, October 20, 2014

I will live!

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I met an old friend from college and she told me, "Our friends from the States are asking about you?"  Then, she whispered, "It's about what you blog about?"

I'm not dying
I answered back, "Oh, I get it!  I think they're stuck on the part when I thought I was dying.  That's several months ago!  My doctor says it's a mere vitamin deficiency.  I will not die from a terminal illness anytime soon."  (Thank heavens!).

I'm sorry dear friends.  I don't post all my blog entries on facebook.  If you check the newer posts, you will find out that I'm ok now. Please feel free to ask me directly via mail or private message.

My take on dying
But, I completely understand you.  I think the subject of dying is really a touchy one.  That's probably why you didn't ask me upfront.

I know that people are so scared of it.

But, what if dying is actually a beautiful experience?

I think it's like riding a rollercoaster.  If you cling on to the railings like a rock when it goes downhill, it feels like your heart has been transported down to your tummy (or in extreme cases, to your foot). That's very heavy.  But, if you raise both your hands (a.k.a. surrender), enjoy the ride, and think that you're tiny star going back to your home of bright red-orange light where your Father the purest and brightest star welcomes you, it's very liberating.

Why people are afraid of dying
Anthea Church articulates it best when she says that it's scary because people hold on to their costume very tightly.  By costume she means, the body and all it's attached possessions, relationships and roles.

I feel that a lot of us have forgotten that the world is a simply a stage.  An each one of us will have to exit it at a certain point.  Nothing scary there.        

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