Thursday, October 16, 2014

For Teacher Sheila


Before you go
Please leave instructions on how to be a bad cop
I've been a good cop for so long
I've forgotten how to be the tough one
I'm not sure if the kids in our class will respond to my stare

How many times did we say good bye?
Let me count the ways
I guess, we've just been so used to having you around
And pleasantly happy at that
We want you to know that you'll surely be missed

Do you know why it's so easy to organize your parties?
Let me tell you in on a secret
So many people love you
I merely need to say it's your thing
And they come running

Well, you've always been there for friends
You'll attend the most boring party
Finish a late meeting so you can give someone a ride
Fly off somewhere to simply offer company
And, even organize a funeral! (not mine, just so we're clear)  

Why am I writing about you, you may ask?
Because, I'm really really grateful
To have you as a mentor and then a friend
And since you're boarding the plane tomorrow
You won't have time to rant about this

Well, I didn't say
That you once told us, "You weren't loved"
110% that is, but you were loved completely and fully
And I didn't tell anyone
who we made fun of during your despedida

Ok, I think I should stop now
See you soon!

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