Saturday, October 25, 2014

Meanderings of a soul at a crossroad

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I've learned to stop asking 
"Why is this happening?"
More often than not
The answer always comes  
Usually, not in my own set timeline

It will magically appear
When I am ready to 
Accept the situation 
Learn the lesson 
Take the next step

I confess there's this tendency 
To storm the heavens
Wrack my brain
Go to a mentor
Even escape the inevitable

Being of the  'instant age' 
I scream out loud
"I want the answers right now!"
I've forgotten there is no remote control
Like nature, everything in life has a season 

Things which ought to happen will happen
Not in my own time
But, at the right time
I have to trust that
My right will always come to me

When I'm ready

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