Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gossiping Hurts

image from http://www.actsofgoodness.org

If you've been reading this blog then you know that I am writing for myself and not for anybody else. You also know that my goal is to become a better version of myself.  But, sometimes I still make mistakes.

Well, I have a confession to make.  

I gossiped! 

It happened a week ago at a party.  People were talking about this particular girl.  She had some quirks you see. And, she left the party earlier (that's why people had the chance to talk about her).

I was not very much involved in the conversation (or was I?).  I couldn't really remember (I think it's the denial that's kicking in).  But what I do know is that, it was actually quite enjoyable to talk about another person (promise, i rarely do this).  People were imitating her and making all sorts of jokes about her.  I was hysterically laughing with them, my tummy hurts.

Now, I understand why gossiping has become a favorite hobby of people.  It's really entertaining to laugh at others.

But, that night I could not sleep though I my eyelids were heavy and my body was really tired.  I knew I made a mistake.

Yes, I refuse to hurt animals (i'm vegetarian because I am for non-violence) but I realize that I threw invisible daggers at this girl when I joined in the conversation.  

Yes, that's what happens when we talk about others behind their backs, we throw daggers at them and dirty their faces (Can you really see the object of the gossip in the same way after talking about her?).  We hurt them.  But, we also hurt ourselves because we move away from our true nature- that of om (peace).    

Also, it's a total waste of time.  When I gossip, I take time away for my introspection and dharna (practice of virtues).  Moreover, I allow garbage to permeate my mind (that's why I feel heavy).

Note to self:  Never ever gossip.  Though it's good while it lasts, it's bad for your spiritual progress (and sleep).