Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Touched the Sun

With a stick in my hand and a prayer in my heart
I climbed
The steep stairs and the jugged rocks
I trod carefully
Watching each step
Taking pauses to catch my breath

The sun welcomed me as I reach the top
I sat
Not expecting much
“I just want to be with you”
I told the sun
The sun did not talk back

The golden ball in front of me was glistening
I looked up
It was coloring the sky with its yellow rays
And slowly removing the blocks in my soul
I saw fumes from inside me rise up to sky
It was taking away all the waste

Then the rays changed to bright orange
I bathed
In its pure vibration and healing waves
It then turned into brilliant red
And I felt its power and its strength
My spirit was being recharged

The hues kept on changing
I absorbed
The energy and the experience
Peaceful blue rays   
Blissful yellow light
Nurturing green waves
Dancing indigo and violet beams

I passed the stick and came down with a lighter heart
I smiled
I have touched the sun
Then,  it sang to me
“Your true colors I see
And that’s the reason I love you”

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