Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Angry Bird Followed Me to India

I don’t like angry birds because they’re silly.  They use themselves as canons in their war against the pigs (angry bird game).  So, they die whether they hit their target or not and eventually leave their chicks orphaned (if ever they succeed in rescuing the eggs).

Such is anger, it makes birds and people alike illogical.  

But, I don’t want to write about anger.  I’d like to shed light on dislike, a close relative of anger. 

They say that the law of attraction allows one to manifest whatever it is he truly desires.  If I think about it ardently, it will come.  Consequently, it's possible to call forth what I don’t like (since I think of it as well).  Dislike is a strong energy which is sometimes even greater than wanting.

A friend gave me an angry bird hat to bring to India.  I left it.  I didn’t like angry birds, remember?  Incidentally, that friend went to India also and brought the bird with her.  She thought I forgot it.  The bird literally flew around 3,000 miles to come to me (2,961 miles if you want to be exact).

And I had to wear it! (It's an angry bird bonnet.) It turned out to be really cold at night (during the first week) and I didn’t pack a headgear.  Since, it was my nightly companion, I decided to make peace with the bird.  "What can I do if it’s angry?  I cannot change it.  It is what it is. The only thing I can change is my perception of it.   I don’t have to be irritated, feel bad, or even react to it."

Bro. Nirwair, a senior yogi based in India, shared in his class, “what is right is right and what is wrong is also right”. 

Life is a drama.  It is inherent in the plot that heroes and heroines come across the protagonists and villains.  And the heroes can only become who they truly are if they win over the bad guys. 
In this case, it’s as simple as accepting their existence. ( I'm the hero, the angry bird's the villain.  Got it? )


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