Sunday, April 29, 2012

How come 2-year olds can say it without batting an eyelash and I couldn’t even utter the word?  What’s my issue?  Is it my fear of rejection? My need to please others?  My non-argumentative nature?

It’s a simple situation really.  I’m travelling back home with 4 other companions.  We have 8 hours to burn before the next flight.  Three of them want to go out of the airport and leave their luggage behind with the 2 of us who plan to stay and rest.  I am uncomfortable with the idea but I didn’t say anything.

They hulled the luggage to the next terminal while I stubbornly stayed and continued to leisurely eat my breakfast.  I thought they’d get it that I do not want to be responsible for their things.  They didn’t. 

My fault was not saying anything.  I refused to face the situation.  So, I ended up with the situation I didn’t like (being one of the the luggage caretakers).  Either way, it was lose-lose for me.  

Moral lesson of the story:  Be courageous enough to say NO (diplomatically) if I’m not comfortable with a situation.  

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