Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Don’t Want to Lose My Happiness

Those were the words of my travel companion, who lost her luggage, on the first leg of our journey to India  (our route: from Manila fly to KL, Malaysia & ; fly to New Delhi, India &; train ride to Abu road & ; then bus to the university on Mount Abu).  She spoke to me calmly as if nothing happened. 

She related that a similar incident occurred to one of our classmates in meditation some few years back.  While she was sound asleep on the night train, everything was stolen from her- luggage, hand carry bag, passport, and money.  Angry and upset, she went to the dadis (senior sisters) to report what happened as soon as she arrived in the university. 

The first thing one dadi asked her was, “Did you lose your happiness also?”

In one class, Baba, our main guru (teacher) said that it is the duty of the situation to come and my responsibility to pass the situation.

He elaborated that any situation is simply a test. Asking,  Why this happened?  How could you this happen to me? or reacting negatively- getting angry, or depressed will never make any circumstance right.

“If problems come what I have to do is to keep my intellect clear so I know what to do in those situations”, shared Didi Nirmala, the university’s Asia-Pacific coordinator.

Accepting whatever is in front of me and responding to it in the most beautiful manner will make me pass the test with honors. 

My travel companion never got back her luggage.  She had to buy few items from the market, borrow luggage, accept hand me downs, and wash her clothes every single day in our 2 weeks stay in Mount Abu.  I never heard a single complaint from her.  She held on to her happiness and passed her test with flying colors.

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