Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Lose What I Hold on to the Most

This is a precious lesson my old and trusted scrunchy taught me ( or reminded me of ).

After the new one I brought snapped, I told my old scrunchy, “Now, you’re the only one I have.  Make sure to stay with me until the end of my trip, ok”.  ( Yes, I talk to things. )

And it slipped from my hair the next day.  I retraced my steps, looked around, and tried to find a replacement in the store- but there’s no one like it.  I could not get a single scrunchy on top of the mountain. 

But I wasn’t devasted.  Instead, I let go.  I had a feeling it was bound to happen.

For someone following a spiritual path, holding on to something or someone is often a blockage.  It gives me a false sense of identity.  If I identify myself with the gadgets, cars, houses, or any material possession- my sense of self will go up or down depending on how much I have.  The same happens if I identify with position.  If I attach myself too closely to the people in my life, what will happen to me if my role with them finishes? 

Sister Denise from Canada related that there might be a time when all the worldly support we are holding on to collapse. 

Can I take the blow? Who am I without the money, the position, and the accolades?  What do I do if I am no longer someone else’s manager, daughter, or sister, or friend?  Can I carry on?

If everything that I value in my life leaves me, do I still know who I am?   

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