Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Case of the Thermal Pyjamas

There are times when I feel that God is my loving Father ( in other times He can be my Mother, my Friend, my Beloved ).  So if I need anything from Him, I only need to ask.  Not in a begging sort of way, like “Please God, Please God, Please God give me this”.  But I talk to Him like a child who has a right to his property.

So, one fine cold day on the mountain top, I told Him.  “You know, I came here so I can be closer to you (This particular mountain is so magical for me that I forget the world when I’m there and I can just focus on myself and my relationship with the Supreme Soul) but I didn’t know it would so cold here, can you please send me a pair a thermal clothes.  Add in a pair of socks, too.” 

I waited.  (Since God is the perfect parent I always feel that He’ll just take care of me.)  But no clothes came.  He sent the sun instead.

It’s funny how I look at God ordinarily.  He is God after all (with a capital G), so it’s just easy for Him to send the sun.  Why would he send a pair of pyjamas when He could send the yellow ball from the heavens to give me warmth?

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