Monday, April 29, 2013

Why I Go to India

My family and friends often ask me why I go to India every year. “I meditate”, is my usual short reply.  I know they think I only sit down the whole day.  That is hardly the case.  Let me show you…

**Welcome to Gyansarovar!  This is the second largest of the 3 campuses of Brahma Kumaris in Rajasthan, India.  It is a modern facility complete with huge halls for classes, dining areas, computer shops, telephone booths, art galleries, and dormitories.  The university is powered by solar energy.
In Madhuban (how we fondly call the university), most of the students start their 
day at 4am.  Personally, I feel that the best time to meditate is at dawn 
before the world wakes up.

Then, I go for chai or walk.  Here, I came across 2 Rajasthani women one early morning. 
At 7am, I attend class. This is Dadi Janki, the 97-year old administrative head of Brahma Kumaris 
sharing with us.

**In Madhuban, my focus is the study and meditation.  I can do that because there everything’s prepared for us: meals, snacks, laundry, and room cleaning. They even arrange the tours.  We have 2-3 classes daily but one may come and go as he pleases.  Attendance is not taken.
**In the afternoon, all departments close down for siesta.  We usually rest or go around until 5.30pm.  The picture above was taken in the museum at Peace Park.

**By the way, we also play.

**And sit down for chit-chat.
Before the day ends, we have dusk meditation.  Here, our group climbed Baba’s Rock for
a view of the sunset and a beautiful yoga experience.

**Often, my friends ask if yogis levitate.  No, we don't but because the mind is taught to think of the right things, one feels very light yet stable.  Nothing esoteric really.

And you might be wondering why everyone's in white.  Well, since, we're in a university, students are required to wear a uniform but guests may come in any attire.  

I think I still haven't answered the question.  Let me put it this way, going to India is my "me-time".  It allows me to look within, look up, and only then will I look out.  It's a beautiful experience.  I hope you get to try it as well.

**Photos courtesy of Agnes Roque

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