Monday, April 29, 2013

'Never lose your happiness'

Happy yogis BK Agnes and BK Roshni in front of Om Shanti Bhawan, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

“Write it on your forehead I will stay happy and distribute happiness to others.”

“Bolo”, (repeat) the Teacher said in Hindi.  The crowd of 24,000 chanted in unison “I will stay happy and distribute happiness to others”.

I’m  OK

I’ve been to India for four times to participate in a huge gathering of raja yoga meditation students from all over the globe but this is the happiest meeting I’ve had.  I am not dancing or singing or shouting for joy.  Nor am I laughing out loud or shedding tears of happiness.  There’s simply an inner stability and contentment inside.  The mind is clear and my heart is calm.  I am ok and so is everything else around me.  The stillness is like that of the depths of the ocean.  There are no stirrings of worry or pain, no ripples of expectations, and no waves of sorrow.  I am at peace with myself, nothing is bothering me at all- not the distinct smell of Indian spice floating in the air, or my upset stomach, or even the small space I’m cramped in.  Nothing matters at all because I feel so good inside.

Hold on to your happiness
The Teacher explains, “No matter what situations arise, it should not take away your happiness”. Happiness is my inherent treasure.  I don’t have to search for it, buy it, or even earn it.  All I have to do is keep my happiness.  Often, when a challenge comes I allow it to pull me down.  I let it disturb my calm mind with questions and thoughts of worry.  It shakes my peaceful disposition with feelings of fear, pain, hurt and insecurity.  Then, I lose my happiness because at a time my heart can only hold one thing- either love or fear, joy or pain, healing or hurt, stability or insecurity.  It’s impossible to maintain a positive disposition if there’s a tiny bit of ill feeling. 

“Make the situation small, do not make it big”, He admonishes.  I have the power to mold anything on the basis of my perception of it.  If I complain, resist or judge a circumstance, I make it into a monster which comes back to me and haunts me.  If I accept it and move forward, then I overcome it like a bird flying over a mountain.   

Nothing’s wrong

Being on the path of self-development for more than 3 years has taught me that “whatever is happening is good, whatever has happened is good, what is to happen will be good”.  Therefore, nothing is wrong.  Situations come to test me.  If I pass it, it bestows me gifts- patience, humility, maturity, trust.  Then, I move forward in this game of life stronger.  On the other hand, if I don’t pass the test, I will have to take it again and again until I get the lesson.  It’s like a computer game, I can never progress to a higher level until I finish the lower stage.

He makes it simpler, whatever it is you are going through “just be courageous and you will receive help”.  He adds, “Have constant good wishes and pure feelings for everyone”.  It is very easy to justify why a situation is wrong, look at my weakness, or someone else’s mistakes.  He advises us to see only the beauty in everyone and everything.  I feel that when I am confused, hurt, or angry I’m sending out sharp arrows around me which only hurts others and makes the atmosphere heavy.  But when I trust, accept, move forward, and remain happy I give others space and I send out roses in the air whose fragrance uplifts everyone and any situation.

“Make a firm promise, you will remain happy and share happiness.  There is no nourishment like happiness.  There is so much wonder in happiness”.  He continued, “If you like it, raise your hands”.  I raised three- my two hands and the hand of my heart.

Photo by Agnes Roque

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