Monday, April 29, 2013

He Said, She Said

I melt at your gaze

You look at me so lovingly…so gently

As if I am special

As if you know me more than I know myself

You don’t see me as I am at the moment

You see what I could become

You see who I truly am

It’s intriguing

How you place me in such a pedestal

One which I don’t think I don’t even deserve

But, you believe in me more than I believe in myself

Your glance tells me so many beautiful things

You are lovely

You are pure

You are beautiful

You are perfect

Like a little sapling, I am struggling to live in a parched land

You pluck me out of the burning sun

And give me refuge

Under your refreshing canopy

You do not like to see me struggling

It pains you that I weep

Your only wish for me is to be happy

And you’d run faster than a rocket to save me

I look back at you, still doubtful

Who am I to deserve such love

You look back saying, You are mine

I’ve always dreamed of the perfect love

Told myself, if it’s not forever, it not worth it

I hear a whisper, I have loved you ever since

Since time immemorial, thousands and thousands of years back

I’ve always been here for you

You have merely forgotten

I peer into your eyes

And I see my best reflection

You never look at my folly and stains

You only hold the highest vision of me

You only behold the gem

You go past all the outer coverings- the layers and layers of rock

Which I have mistaken to be a part of me

Unknown to me, your warmth has chipped away the cover

Now, I too can see the diamond

I am truly like you

I am beautiful

I am lovely

I am perfect

I am yours

Photo from the facebook page of  BrahmaKumaris India

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