Monday, April 29, 2013

When I Die

Two days before leaving the meditation campus in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India we were informed of the passing of two senior yogis who served as pillars of the yagya (gathering).  That incident made me think about the eventuality of my own death.

When I die
Weep not for me for it is not my end
It simply means that my role with you has finished
And I have to move on to my next one
It is good

When I die
Please celebrate
Sing, dance and be merry
For I am happy that I have gone
It is time

When I die
Miss me not
Go on with your journey
I have to cross another path
But in due time, we shall meet again

When I die
I wish that my case be burned
And my ashes thrown by the Lake Nakki
My spirit has flown off
The humus has to return back to its land

Wherever my next destination may be
Know that I am well
In this life, I have attained what I have been looking for
I am content
My hope is that you find it too

Nakki Lake in Rajasthan India, where I want my ashes to be thrown

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