Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maganda ka pa sa Umaga

In English it reads, you are more beautiful than the morning.

That's how a friend greeted me one day, and I just smiled back.  I found it absurd.  "How can it be?",  I asked myself.  

Yesterday, the answer came to me as I was meditating in the garden.  Without bragging and with all honesty,  I experienced that I was more beautiful than the manicured lawn stretched out in front of me (and even the  bright morning!).

I was appreciating the greenery before I went inwards (introspection is a key in meditation).  I was so deep in my contemplation that the garden disappeared and I could only see the real me- a being of peace.

In raja yoga, I learned that I have 2 I's: the obvious I and the real I. The obvious I relates to the human part: roles, culture, position, occupation, name, age, leisure and everything that's connected to the physical.  All of these things are subject to change.  The real I which refers to the soul, spirit, higher self, psyche, or being, on the other hand, always is.  It is this part of me that I constantly want to nurture and enhance through going into silence, living by my highest truth and expressing my best virtues.

My wish is that you be able touch base with your real "I" so you can fathom how exquisite you are too.

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