Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Do We Like Heroes?

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We love watching them or reading about them.  We are fascinated with The Avengers, Superman, Batman, Spiderman.  Most of these heroes are human like us- they just have extra abilities.    

I figured, we like them because there is a part of us that resonates with them. 

Heroes are good.  
If we really look deep inside, whether we accept it or not, our core is good.  The folly lies in believing that we are just humans.  We forgot that we are also beings (human beings).  And this is where our extra factor lies, much like the added capabilities of the heroes.  If we examine this being, this spirit, this psyche, this soul- we will find out that our original blueprint is made of the beautiful qualities of peace, power, purity, love, bliss, mercy, and knowledge.  If we talk, walk, and move holding a particular quality in our awareness, then our actions and interactions will be of a higher notch, hero-caliber even.

Heroes fight.  
They fully understand that they will have to battle with different obstacles and villains.  In the same way, at this time in the world’s cycle, no one can be exempt from defeat, sorrow, and difficulties.  These things will come our way and we have to confront these using our power of peace, purity, love, bliss, mercy, knowledge and all our other virtues.  

Heroes fly, or smash or jump.  These are the very tactics we ought to use when facing our problems-  fly above it,  smash it into pieces,  jump towards it and slash it from behind.  Heroes do not hide in a nook and cry when the war is upon them.  They muster all the courage and strength they have and take on the enemies.
We love heroes because they remind us of our true nature.  The hero spirit is in each one of us.  We just have to nudge it to come forward.

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