Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ode to my 2 Dads

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For my lokik (physical) and alokik (spiritual) fathers.

Thank you for calling me great even though I don't believe it (sometimes).
Papa, I would never forget what you told me when I was 12 years old.  I came home from a press conference without any medal when everyone else in our delegation collected a handful each.  And you assured me saying, "You're great Karen, you were probably just nervous during the competition".  Everytime I come to you complaining that I lost, I didn't get the grade, or my plan didn't work out, you always reminded me of how great I am (not just simply good) and you believed it with all your heart.

Baba, every single day, you uplift me.  You call me sweet child, beloved, master, princess, lucky star, jewel, flower, and all sorts of beautiful names that sometimes I still don't accept.

I heard, superman's father did the same.  He recorded and then continuously played his affirmations of him in his earth-bound rocket capsule.

I really really really appreciate our trips to the ocean.
Papa, I had fond memories of  playing in the ocean with my siblings.  It was my first experience of the unlimited.  We would keep on fetching buckets and buckets of water but it never got depleted.  Thank you for bringing us there whenever we ask for it (and even when we don't).

Baba, I never thought that there is an Ocean of Love or an Ocean of Peace.  I didn't know it is possible to go to the depths of it.

Thank you for the gifts of silence and stillness.

Thank you for loving me without strings.     
Papa and Baba, I always feel that you both love me period.  No ifs. No buts.  Just 100% pure, all-natural, unsaturated L-O-V-E.

Words can never truly express how happy and blessed I feel for having both of you in my life.  Still, here goes,  "I love you, Papa!!!  I love you, Baba!!!"


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