Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let Me Tell You Why this Blog is Narcissistic

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"In the face of eternity, a lot of things don't really matter".

This is what struck me in a weekend retreat with Anthony Strano , the director of the meditation centers in Greece and Hungary.

So, one fine day, while waiting for my sister to finish her college interview, I sat cross-legged on a bench outside and  I asked, "What is eternity?".

I held this single thought for nearly an hour until I dipped my finger on it.  In a second, eternity stood before me in the midst of the bustling day scene of people moving to and fro.  It laid placid and unlimited.  Whilst everyone rushed, it stayed in complete standstill- unstirring, unperturbed.

In that moment, I felt that nothing really matters in this absolute vastness and stillness except for 2 simple truths- I, the soul and my Father, the Supreme Soul.

At least for me, only these 2 truths are real- it can never ever be destroyed.  These are the only things worth my time and attention.  Everything else will come and go.

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