Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life in a blender

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What do you do when life throws you lemons?
They say make lemonade
I say, "Dodge!"

What if it's a lemon avalanche?
Wikihow says swim and try to stay near the surface
I say, "I'm clueless, I just hope I survive."
Huh....(deep sigh)

It happens
Storms strike at the most unholy hours
The whole of your world goes spinning

I don't understand
No, I refuse to accept
Life can go haywire

Things don't go as planned
Setbacks happen
Or worse, things fall apart

Have you ever tasted the nearness of success with added spoonfuls of fear?
How about truckloads of expectations masquerading itself as tough love?
It's disgusting, let me tell you

People go crazy
Dreams elude even the most persistent
Happily ever after seems so far away

Whatever, I'll still push on!

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