Thursday, June 10, 2010

Becoming Free from Subtle Anger

by Dadi Janki

Dadi welcomed everyone with the words ‘Om Shanti’, explaining that these words mean: I am a being of peace.

Anger and peacelessness disappear with the words ‘Om Shanti’. Peace brings smiles and peacelessness makes us wilt. Anger is expressed in many different ways, through our faces, eyes, and mouths. Dadi asked if we gathered today to become free from anger and asked if it was possible to become free from anger.

The key is to remember God with your mind and then remember your highest form. Our minds are tools that get trapped. The symptoms of a tired mind is stress and confusion. Subtle aspects of anger express themselves in different ways and then it’s as if your mind becomes a dustbin, collecting rubbish and giving rubbish.

The medicine is ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and think no evil’. Then you will become like an angel. The face of angels sparkle so much. Their faces are peaceful. They have tolerance and are content.

Dadi said that she wears white, has empty pockets, but is happy. She asked if we got angry if we didn’t get what we wanted. Often we wonder what others will say if we don’t have something a certain way and we move forward in this way.

Desires manifest in thoughts. ‘I want this’ or ‘This should happen’. Often we think, ‘This should happen like this’ and, if it doesn’t, we might not be angry, but we won’t be happy, we will not be pleased. In relationships, even with children, this is what is happening these days.

If we’re not happy with each other, it isn’t a life. Since childhood, at the age of 11, I had a deep feeling I would be of use to God and to the world. I asked myself, even to this day, Is God pleased with my life? Is the world happy?

Why don’t you get angry with me? You don’t, because I don’t want anything from you and you don’t want from me.

Of the virtues, purity must come first and then peace. If there’s any impurity, or dishonesty, then there cannot be peace.

If pain comes to us, and we can come back into peace, the pain dissolves. We have stored a lot of pain inside, whether that pain is of the body or of the mind. When we cultivate pure thoughts, the mind begins to heal. With positive thoughts we experience peace.

We have to check our thoughts and ask why we don’t experience peace. Our heart is broken in many pieces. It’s taken sorrow from everywhere. Whose job is it to bring back what has been broken? Humans can speak bitter words that break a heart and yet the same mouth can also say sweet words that heal a heart.

What are we taking benefit from? I may have seen something or heard something, but did I experience peace, love, or good wishes for someone through that? To reform the self, I need constant attention not to see or speak of anything negative. Then I can feel energised.

There are two causes of the symptoms of anger: desires and attachments. With attachment, we are afraid to lose what we have, even if it’s unnecessary. We need to be simple and a sample.

When we accumulate a lot, we fall ill. We are stressed because of illness. Then, stress becomes the illness. Stress creates a loss inside. First, take care of the mind, the heart, and the intellect. Let my mind be free from desires, my heart be free from attachment, otherwise, my intellect cannot do what is right. It will be influenced from the outside. The intellect knows what’s true and what’s right and wrong, but it doesn’t have the feeling in its heart. And so, despite knowing what is good, what is charity, it cannot do it. The intellect cannot follow to do what is right.

Link your mind with God and your heart will start to feel. Then the heart will be able to converse with the mind. Then you can transform yourself and make changes. My wisdom and good wishes will support you.

Dadi shared a story of a person with three friends. One friend stayed with the person all of the time. The next one was around occasionally. And the third one was rarely around. When a difficulty came, the person asked each friend for help. The one who was always there said that he couldn’t help. The one who was there occasionally said he couldn’t help. But the third one said that he could help. Then Dadi asked the audience who the three friends were. The first one was the person’s body. The second one was the person’s friends and family. And the third one was the person’s good karma, good actions. We must ask ourselves, if we leave our bodies now, who will support us?

Our bodies cannot help us. Our friends and family will leave us at the crematorium and get on with their lives. It’s our good actions that will help us in our time of need and what we take with us.

When we keep our attention focused on performing good karma, we get God’s support. In the world, we get punished for performing sin. But the Supreme Soul is so good that He doesn’t punish. He gives understanding.

God helps us finish our accounts, the past, and create an elevated future.

We store the hurt we’ve taken and then one day it comes out, after years of suppression. Then we cannot tolerate any more. It’s strange that in this world we can train animals to be sweet, but we can’t train humans. But humans can transform themselves.

We must pay attention to the quality of our thoughts. A negative thought becomes a constant flow. They create storms in our minds. Whatever we suppress depletes us. Our mind and body doesn’t work well. We must also deal with weak and waste thoughts. These thoughts make us unable to deal with what is going on around us. We get irritated and develop arrogance. We need to develop pure, elevated thoughts. These thoughts generate humility. Then we can deal easily with life and have no complaints.

We cannot engage in giving or taking sorrow. We need to think in such a way that we bring blessings. Dadi said she doesn’t ask God for blessings or power. If we did, God would turn a stern eye and said, “You are a soul, a child of the Supreme. Don’t you think you have power?” There should be so much intoxication over all we have inherited - love, power, blessings, and courage. All God wants is for us to continue looking in His direction.

Whoever I remember is reflected in my eyes. If I remember them, I will draw their remembrance to me. Of our five fingers on our hand, only one indicates direction and can point to the Supreme up above. That same finger should also point to the self. It should not point outside of itself. If it does point outward, then you can be influenced by the outside. This is how you open the door to let rubbish inside. If you have that rubbish inside you, how can you belong to God? God tells us to let go of everything and pay attention to Him alone. Manmanabhav.

Then God will make the line of the intellect clean and clear.

There is one condition attached to having a relationship with the Supreme. It is either with the situation (bat) or God (Bap).What can we do when we cry out in distress? What can God do? We have to realise we are the authority. We can become like a jailbird, caught and trapped in situations and relationships. Birds are meant to fly away. When birds are in a cage with other birds they get comfortable being fed, just chirp, and don’t fly anymore.

Dadi inspired everyone there to achieve their goals of becoming free from anger. She asked people put their hand up if they wanted to accomplish this. (Everyone put up their hand.) She said that it was now or never.
It’s amazing what the power of a clean thought in a gathering can achieve. It isn’t a matter of time studying, some may study for 20 year and some for 20 days and if they’re touched, they will progress greatly. Dadi explained how and now. It is the qualities of truth, love, peace, humility, and patience that will enable us to become what we’re meant to be. We must be all of these qualities in a natural way.

When there is a fire, do we add fuel to the flames - or cold water? When someone gets angry, if I start to heat up and get angry myself, how will I help the other to become free from anger? We have to give good vibrations and good feelings to cool people down and dissolve a potentially negative situation. We must feel that nothing is difficult. We must see the specialities in others and nothing will be difficult. There is nothing to worry about.
Three virtues are essential: tolerance, patience, and contentment. If you have these three, you are free.

Om Shanti

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