Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Become God's Right Hand - Messengers of Peace

Keynote Address of Dadi Janki- 6th June 2010, Inauguration Programme

Our message of peace should reach every corner of the world.
We are all messengers. Speak from the heart and the message
will reach another's heart - it will give an experience of peace.
This year, I found that there is an intense desire in everyone,
everywhere to understand what spirituality is. This is because
science gives only temporary experiences. However, if you
know how to go into deep silence, the attainments you will
be for long term - eternal!

Everything is filled with falsehood and violence - it has reach the
stage of unrighteousness. Now more than ever before, it is
important for
religious and political leaders to understand that
we all have to learn
to come together and unite. This is our
message. This new place is a
place for everyone to come
together - to clear all differences between
languages, religions,
colors. It is a tension free space - because there

is attention. Our attention is within, on our own self.

In this - we have to learn three things. To live in the world,
one needs to learn how about the things of the world - money,
houses, cars, etc...
But we also need to learn how to take care
of this body and for this I
need to understand that I'm the
driver and I will be able to manage the
car well. Today, all
of you should leave with a driver's license to
drive your own
car! Learn to pay attention on what to think, what not to

think, where the light is red and where it's green. Everything
should be
done at the right time and in the right way.

Secondly, sometimes you say, OK, I don't want all those extra
but at least I need something. People who think like
that go to God with
a list of things. Very few pray asking to
know how to experience peace
or love.

Thirdly, there is too much thinking about others - this one
shouldn't be
doing this or that. We fill our heads with this.
We create libraries of
all different kinds of information. Now
it is time to make your brain
and heart free. I don't need
anything. Combine east and west and become
best. This is
not a message, it's a reality.

I don't want people to say that I am better than before. I
want us to
change night into day - to dispel the darkness
and give sight to the
blind. Then all types of desires will
finish. What do I have to do for
this? Time gives signals
and God says - do this. What He says, should

become visible. In our eyes there should be spirituality
and love
towards everyone. Become a practical example
of these teachings so that
others see me and also want
to become like that.

We have to be like good machinery, free of weaknesses.
Where does the
power to be like that come from? From
a good atmosphere created through
our internal pure,
peaceful, elevated and determined thoughts. You'll
see wonders. Don't let anything from the outside touch
you and if there is emptiness inside, let God fill it. Then,
whatever God gives me, I
should distribute to others.

The message of Raja Yoga is not difficult - become a master
of the mind
and senses by realizing that you're child of God,
the Ocean of
knowledge, peace, powers, virtues, etc... Just
be like Him. Look at God
and only follow Him. It's not that
you have to follow a guru, no, follow
God's directions. Make
your inner feelings like His - good wishes and

pure feelings for all. Constantly keep checking and changing
feelings so that there isn't even a drop of pollution inside.

We need to create this kind of atmosphere for the world-for
our safety.
Become clean inside and you will be safe. I myself
have to clean myself. Make this commitment to clean the self,
and keep the inner mirror of heart very clean. Then you'll see
God not only above but in front of
you. When you look through
a glass, you see many but when you look at a
mirror, you only
see the self. So become such mirrors so that others see

Do not have the ego of "my" and the attachment of "mine". Remain
and become God's right hand - a light hand. Perform such
actions that it
becomes easy for others to be cooperative with you.
If you are light,
those helping you will never give excuses and say,
"I can't do this". Be light, take might and everything will work out
right. Don't compare yourself with others. Have the awareness that
I'm soul in a body and God
is the one making me do things. With this
awareness you won't lose your
happiness. Heaviness comes when you
think of yourself as a doer. Within
one second become light and take
might from God.

Om Shanti

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