Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Courage to be Human

- Dadi Gulzar's Class in Germany
After almost exactly 10 years Dadi Gulzar graced Germany again with her royal and divine presence.  In the evening Dadiji gave a concise talk. Here's the essence of her talk : 

  • Everyone is looking for love, peace and happiness in their lives but why does it disappear even more and more?
  • It is because human beings have lost their connection with God. Therefore the spiritual power is missing which is the fourth power after the predominant powers present in today world: Science, politics and religion.
  • This spiritual power is the power of realizing: Who am I? If I realise that I am a soul, a being of light, then I have access to the spiritual power of the soul.
  • Because we no longer identify with the soul, the spiritual power is missing. Only by reconnecting with God can this power flow again, because God is the Almighty Authority. Being able to keep that connection is called “meditation”.
  • The 2 requirements to keep that connection are the thoughts: 
        1.  I am a soul and 
        2. I am His child.  
  • Why is our happiness not stable? What are the 2 doors through which it  disappears? Firstly it is when our desires are not fulfilled and secondly we take sorrow when someone is blaming or accusing us. Therefore, remain a detached observer and don’t think about the past but about what you can change in the future. Find a solution!
  • If you are able to close these 2 doors firmly, you will constantly stay happy and also give happiness to your country.
  • The method to keep that inner happiness is meditation, because that is how we receive powers from God. We need these because the outer world is constantly changing, so we need to have a variety of skills in order to cope with the situations. 

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