Wednesday, June 9, 2010


by Dadi Janki, Oxford

Recognize who is Dilwala (the Comforter of Hearts). Ask Him what He has in His heart for you. Have chitchat with Him about yourself and about Himself. Tell Him the things of your heart. It is dangerous to tell other people the things of your heart. No need to complain that there is no one who will listen to you. Spend time in Baba’s (God's) room. He is ready and waiting to tell you beautiful things. Speak with Baba (God) about loving things of the heart. Taste this and see. Then you will also find someone who is thirsty to listen to such things and will take benefit from this. These are private matters, but you can taste it and allow others to taste it too. Even though Baba (God) loves so many, He never stops loving me. Therefore, there is no need to have jealousy; in fact we can be happy that others are also receiving His love. Think about the beauty of such a heart where there is no jealousy and no limitations. Does the soul understand the things of Baba’s (God) heart and make itself good? Let your heart be touched by Baba (God).

God says, don’t just sing my praise, but steal the virtues of all and become praiseworthy.... those who are full of virtues (gunvaan), become those who make the donation of virtues (gundaan). You can enable others to become virtuous when you don’t see their defects. Make your eyes good and intellect refined....Simply take the goodness from people, maybe they don’t even realise that they have this.

Make the donation of knowledge, virtues, power and time. Give love and affection to the family and give time in service, then even time will become pleased. Even if you don’t have anything else, give people the donation of time. If you are giving someone time but they are not taking benefit from you then just keep giving but give in a subtle way. All you need to do is give love throughout the whole day. The things of the heart reach everyone. You may not be doing any physical activity, but consider each one to be very good, observe the uniqueness and goodness of each one. Collect this goodness and you will never become sad.

Some people wonder why sadness comes suddenly, without any obvious reason. Once a sad thought (oodasi) creeps into your mind it takes over. Its starts ruling you and so you become a slave (daasi). Such thoughts not only rule over you but they make you consider that to be okay. These thoughts then steal your happiness. You need to remain detached and loving. Everything is good. There are many methods to become free in a second and become successful.

It is a big mistake to catch hold of the situation or let it catch hold of you. You then make others your companions to listen to you and become surrounded by judges and lawyers. This is what wastes a lot of time. Judge yourself. You don’t need to hire a lawyer to win your case. Become such an example and embodiment of support for all so that they can be uplifted.

Ask yourself what you need to do. Become an example for others so that they can receive support and be uplifted.

When you just say ‘om shanti’ morning and evening, the path ahead becomes clear and you develop wings to fly. A bird never asks how to fly, it flies naturally. Put a full stop and the situation is finished. Fly and keep flying, this is service. Even if you feel that you are ready to fly but others aren’t, then become like an aeroplane. People automatically prepare themselves in advance to go in an aeroplane. They pack up, prepare their visa and wait for the flight. The aeroplane waits whilst everything is checked before the pilot and passengers arrive. Everyone is instructed to wear the seatbelt. The plane then taxis slowly before picking up speed and flying off. Make your effort the same. There is no need to see what is happening down below. If something is happening, you have to be detached, you cannot get off the plane and jump down. You have to reach your destination and stop worrying. Just keep giving good vibrations. It is now time to go home. We have packed already, become first class passengers and go with royalty.

Making excuses is what causes sadness. Happiness provides the wings of zeal and enthusiasm. When people see you fly, they too will want to come and see what is up there. They will also become free from fear. Zeal and enthusiasm enables you to fly.

You are all sensible. When you remain engaged/occupied, you won’t be confused about anything. There won’t be any sadness or depression. When all of you begin to fly, there will be great splendour. There is no need to do anything else.

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