Friday, February 13, 2015

A slice of truth

"Are we all the same in a mirror image?  Is this the real life of what is?", asked my little brother.  

"Will you say a foolish thought is foolish simply because the majority ruled it as such?...Does truth lose it bearing if all is given light to?", he queried.     

Here's an attempt to answer his questions.

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Everything I see with my eyes is real
Not true
The reality I know is an illusion
In essence, I am just a point

A soul
a being of light
A spirit
I am energy

The body
is simply a tool for me to express
It is like a cellphone
And I am the sim

In fact, everyone's a sim
Only in different cases
Each one with different roles
Just as there are simple phones and androids

Essentially at the core we are all the same
The differences I see is not real
If we remove the cases
We are all dots

Beings of light
With everything we need
Peace, power, purity
love and happiness

The world is a stage
With the sun and the moon as lights
This is where I act out my role
Just as in a play, one day the curtains will close

This is not my home
But I have attached my heart to it
Because I've been here for a long time
I thought I am of the earth

Gradually, my battery has diminished
And so has my power
I thought I am of dust
So I grab only the visible

I thought that the goal
Is to become bigger and taller than the the skyscrapers
So I scramble for hats on my head and strings of relations
I will do anything to accumulate stickers and stamps

But I am a spirit
When I leave 
I leave the hats, strings, stickers and stamps
Only the good and bad credits remain

The world now has become a graveyard
The material and the differences hold the spotlight
People suffer because of anger
Greed, ego, lust, attachment

We have to remember
Who we truly are
We are beings of light
Stars from the abode light 
Who have come down here simply to  play our parts

We are here to express
Our truest selves
One which is filled with beauty and goodness
Up there we can only shine
Down here we can love, care and celebrate

Deep down
We are all the same
In essence we are all good
Even the seemingly foolish & meanest of us
We have simply forgotten

Please remember

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