Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm a doormat

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The hardest word for me to say is "no"
I have the makings of the perfect slave
I'll do anything the higher ups tell me
No questions asked

My healer says
"Your tolerance level is until the nth power"
I always retaliate with kindness
I know I can pass for a martyr

Recently, I discovered
Too much of something is bad enough
The Spice Girls have been singing that for decades
But I am not paying attention

Tolerance becomes cowardice
When it is out of proportion
I've always seen myself as courageous
I never say die

But all too often
I never stand up for myself
For the sake of harmony
"Dance with their sanskaras (nature)", I often say

There's a point though
When they're already stepping on my feet
Letting others do that over and over again
Will leave me with a broken leg

So, now I have resolved to fight
To be honest
I really don't know how to 
I always send flowers when someone hits me with arrows

I've been losing the battle though
It's time to change strategy
I'll put the armor on and ready my weapons
From now on, I will face 

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