Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tanya Diaz: an eavesdropper's perspective

I don't know her personally.  In fact, we've never uttered more than 5 words to each other- hi, hello, bye and om shanti.

You see, I've worked with her on several programs organized by the meditation group I am part of.  I would often help in the events and she's usually one of our guest artists.

I don't even know that she's a rocker until I watched The Voice Philippines.  Since, we teach and practice om shanti (I am a peaceful soul), we'd often ask her to sing mellow hymns and she willingly obliges.

We've dragged her to small youth cafes, mall events to peace concerts.  She never asks for anything in return and we have nothing to give her but a box of toli (sweets).  She always receives it with a huge smile and the sincerest gratitude as though she is given a huge fee.

She's really just happy to sing and she shares her talent so generously.

I applaud people like her who give without strings.  They say that there's no bigger heart than that of a volunteer.

Of late, I have watched Tanya Diaz' feature in The Voice and I feel that they are not entirely showing what she stands for.  Yes, she's doing it to honor her kuya.  It's true that her family is her stronghold but who is she as a person apart from these?  Is this path something she dreams about?  Is she singing for herself too? 

I checked out her previous performances in the show and only a picture of a tough punk comes to mind.  

Well, recently they have been showing her gentle side,too. However, the image they paint of her doesn't tug the heart.

I hope that The Voice crew weave her story and her journey more adequately.  The show after all, is not just a singing competition.  If it is, why do people need to vote? It is also a popularity contest.  For the past seasons, it's often not the one with the best vocal prowess who wins but the one with the most heartwrenching story.

I don't know Tanya Diaz personally but I've worked with her off-camera and she's not only an exceptional artist but she is a girl on fire, with a big heart to boot.

Bamboo articulates it best during his knockout rounds decision, "Yung apoy niya nakakahawa lang talaga.  Siya talaga. She's something really special. At siya yung parang mark sa akin." (Her fire is really contagious. She's the one...She's the benchmark for me.)

I hope people get to see that, too.

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