Sunday, February 1, 2015


*My friends find it amusing that I enjoy camping out in a farm-   far away from the comforts of the city.

*They don't believe that wild pigs can be petted (sometimes),

that it's possible to survive at night with only the light of the 
moon, stars and the handy-dandy flashlight,

*and that people there actually carry sword around (their belts) 
like they carry cellphones.

They protest, "What about animal rights?!", when they saw me ride a carabao. They don't know it actually hauls more than       
200 kilos of produce.

*They find harvesting, 

carrying buckets of water or loads of coconuts

*or making fire for nearly an hour too tasking.

It's really fun! Of course, the facilities can always be upgraded but for now I like it as is- rough and rugged.

I'll do this more often this year! 

*Photos by Nory San Juan

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