Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter for my 18 year old sister

cartoon by Lalaine Navarro

Dearest Laine,

I'm nearly double your age today.  Since I obviously have more years ahead of you, I've gone through more things- sometimes I succeed and often I fail.  Like any Ate (older sister), I want to spare you from all the pains and give you the best kept secrets I learned along the way.  So here it goes...

Never ever worry about how thin or fat you are.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is how big you're heart is and how level-headed you are.

Never ever chase anything or anyone other than your heart.  As long as you remain true to it, it will point you to the right direction.

Love whatever it is you are doing and it will love you back.

But, before anything else, love yourself first.  And always think, no BELIEVE that you're great.  It makes a whole world of difference- whatever it is you choose to do.

However, even if you choose to simply bum around, I hope that you find The One, The One Who Knows Your Heart or that He finds You.

He'll teach you to simply be who you are.  Then, the doing part will be a lot easier.

Then again, know that sometimes it's ok not to care about what other people think.  What's more important is what you think, what you feel and how everything sits with you.

So, feel free to take this advice, dump it in the dumpster or just choose which ones work for you.  You have the free hand.  Know that in life you always have a choice, dearest sister.
                                                                                                                         Yours 'til the sun shines,
Ate Karen 

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