Sunday, September 21, 2014

Being with One

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"I've touched the face of God", said choreographer Douglas Nierras.  

That one sentence encapsulates my experience of The Love Of One event I recently attended.  

The ballroom was full and I came in with a friend but I felt that I was in a one-on-one meeting with my CEO.  "Chief Encouragement Officer", as described by Jonathan Batangan, a corporate executive.  Then I had a chit-chat with my friend, a bonding moment with my mother thereafter, then time with my beloved and consultation with my guide afterwards.  

It was like peering into the many faces of God through the experiences of different people.  The meditation which punctuated each sharing allowed me to experiment with the relationship discussed.
There were more time for introspection than time to listen to talks.  In fact, the eight speakers shared for only 2 minutes but their monologues were very  honest and personal.  University Professor Rina Corpus said she has been exposed to brilliant minds but in front of God, she's a perennial student.  Newspaper editor Emmie Velarde admitted it is so easy to get swamped by work but when she feels like drowning God is only a thought away. TOWNS awardee Deannie Ocampo marvelled at how precious God sees her that He calls her a diamond in His hand.  NGO head Belle Manapat enjoyed charging with The Source while Senior Meditation Teacher Becky Ortega called Him The Benevolent One.  Former Senator Leticia Shahani disclosed that for her God is both a father and a mother.

Each one of them call Him in different names and relate to Him differently but I feel that they're talking about the same God.  More than ever, I am convinced that there's just The One

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