Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Forgive You

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When I was young, when I ask for something and forget an important word, my parents always ask.  "What's the magic word?"  Now, that I get to borrow little ones for an hour or two, it's my turn to query them whenever they fail to remember the "magic word".

Since I've been studying how to become a better human being, I found out that there's not one abracadabra but a whole set of encyclopedia of it.  Some words heal a broken spirit while other phrases keep one soaring high.  There are simple sentences which melt the heart and some strong utterances which can ward off people possessed by evil spirits (of greed, anger, jealousy and the like).  There are expressions which paint a smile on faces and sincere declarations which wipe out tears.

I've long been searching for a powerful spell to cure my current affliction (for around a month now).  I have scoured the keeper of wisdom (bookstore).   I have asked the wizard of the 21st century (google) and grilled my trusted allies (friends)-  all for naught.

Today, I found the answer in the burrow of my heart.  "I forgive myself.  I forgive you."


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