Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm still angry

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Sometimes, I'm ok
At other times, I'm not
Like a pendulum
I swing from one end to the other

I know I have to pack it up
It has happened
There's nothing I can do about it
The only sensible move is to learn from it

But, some angst  still remain
It's like a small ball of fire
Stuck in my belly
I want to be rid of it

It does not help me
Move along my journey- at all
It is such a heavy burden
To carry

So, now, I decide
To face the red monster
"Be gone!"
"I will be free of you"

I understand it clearly
No one is to blame
Not even me
I don't know any better

It is good that it has surfaced
'Cause I discovered my triggers
and somehow understand myself better
Now,  I can chase the monster away

I learned my feelings are valid
It is ok to acknowledge it
And express it
Yet, in the most diplomatic of manners

Right now, I still ache
It hurts still
But, I shall copy the oyster
And, use the pain to create a pearl

                                                             video from EasyMeditation

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