Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Om explained


“Set the date for your perfection.”, said my Teacher during a 
meditation class.  

I wanted to retort, “That’s impossible!” but I was in a 2-day silent retreat (the other weekend) so I opted to keep quiet.

During the retreat, we had 5-6 hours of meditation each day.  We would go around specific meditation areas in groups and sit down in silence.  No words were exchanged as we move around or even as we sit together for meals.  

Then it just happened.  While I was immersed in silence I felt that I was a sparkling zero.  I saw myself as a sparkling star with no past    or future.  I had no ties with this old world of matter- no possessions, no relations or positions. 

I had nothing...
but in that nothingness I felt my fullness.      

I felt that I have everything I ever need- love, peace,               power, happiness.  In this state of om (I am), I felt complete.           I felt perfect. 

So, it’s possible. 

meditation by Release Your Wings

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