Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I am grateful

The young dragon fruit plants have weathered the storm. 
Because in the midst of the catastrophe, a sprout still grows

This is Papa's newly built packaging area which Typhoon Nona crushed to the ground.
Because no one was hurt despite the chaos (from where I come from- that is)

We've been fighting the quarrying in our barangay for a while.  The townsfolk were divided though because some of them profit from it.  The storm showed everyone its devastating effect.

Because what we’ve been fighting against, has unveiled it’s horns

What used to be a bed of rock now looks like a beach.  Without the rocks, the water from the river flooded into the houses and the streets.
Because a smile can still be found in the middle of the waste land

The Naglaon river is now twice its size because the big boulders which protect its banks have been removed.
Because life goes on even without pants

The donation we've received have been packed and are now on its way to the Mangyans.

And I am grateful for well-meaning people who are willing to lend a hand

For everyone who sent good wishes and who helped us help the Mangyans, maraming maraming maraming salamat po (thank you very much)! 

video from Release Your Wings

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