Tuesday, August 4, 2015

'I eat my feelings'

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"I eat my feelings", said a friend.

I tried that but it didn't work for me.  I would pig out when I'm happy or sad and everything else in between but it only made me bloat.

I also attempted to keep it all in so nobody will see it.  After awhile though, it exploded right in front of my face.  I was so hurt I could not readily stand up.

Then, there was the talking it out cure.  I confided to friends but even though I've sorted things out, some of them were still stuck in the situation.  At times too, they would be angrier or sadder than me.

Now, I just write my feelings just so I can see exactly where I am.  I am learning (albeit slowly) not to dwell on it too much or let it control my choices.  They are as fickle as the weather and as unreliable as an outdated map.

I'm teaching myself not to be swayed by the pendulum of my positive and negative reactions.  Of late, I constantly remind myself, "Stay in the middle- at zero.  That's the point of balance."

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