Thursday, July 30, 2015

The enemy within

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I will fight!

The moment I utter these words, my enemy appears.

I am surprised to see that I am looking at my mirror image. Though we have the same face, we have opposite demeanor.

My mirror image avoids my gaze as I peer straight into her eyes.  Her head is bowed and her hands are folded back.  Like a puppet, she has numerous strings on her arm, hands, legs and feet which allows others to pull her in any which way they wish.  On her head is a handwritten message which says, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.    

"She is my enemy?!", I shout bewildered.

A voice answers, "She is a part of you. She represents your old sanskar (pattern) of pleasing everybody but yourself that you end up not knowing who you are."

"How will I fight her?", I ask.

"You have to set her free.", the voice replies.  "Every time you say yes to something you don't believe in, you allow people pull her here and there.  When you doubt yourself, you make the NOT GOOD ENOUGH message bolder.  When you don't speak your mind, the lower her head bows."

"I am not her! I refuse to be a puppet!", I scream.

Then, one of the strings snap.

Today, I realize that the enemy is not something or someone lurking outside.  What I really have to fight are my old patterns and beliefs (sanskars).

How about you, what old sanskars imprison you?

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