Sunday, August 9, 2015

I met Superman

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He stopped trucks
From hauling loads of stones
Out of the river
Using his super voice

He told the bad guys
"Stop this!
Or else I will tell ENRO (Environment & Natural Resources Office)
That you are quarrying without permit"

The villains blasted him with a barangay permit
"The barangay captain and the council support this"
They haughtily reasoned
"Still, you don't have the ENRO's permit",  he punched back

He then flew to the barangay hall to confirm the news
He saw the council feasting on pansit (fried noodles with vegetables)
Sent by the adversary to keep their mouths shut
"So, it's true! You sold the river for a free snack!", he confronted

Before they mobbed him
He used his super speed to run to the office of the mayor
"We cannot do anything if the barangay agreed to the quarrying"
The city administrator advised

"They did not consult the community"
He retorted back
"Then, file a petition against the quarrying"
The office of the mayor challenged

He readily flew back to the village
For days, he knocked on every door
Talked to every person he meets along the road
Until he got hundreds of villagers on his side

Superman created allies
And together they defended the river
The petition was their weapon
Against the mighty tyrants

With the signed petition
And the majority on his side
ENRO and the Office of the Mayor
Had no choice but to send a force field to protect the river

The quarrying is now put on hold
The barangay officials are currently being audited
The young and old who pass by the river daily are now safe
Because of one man who chose to lead the fight

How do I know all this, you ask?
I was superman's sidekick during this whole ordeal
To be honest, he's a simple farmer without a cape
But he has super strength because of his heart of steel

video from easymeditation

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